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September 2019
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Pull Down Them Old Pink Panties

I find it just plain disgusting! The notion that anyone would think it a good idea to put the phrase “Who needs credit cards” on the front (or even the back) of little girls panties is simply inconceivable to me!

Panties Story

Ideas like this come from adults, not little girls!

Does anyone out there think that equating a young girls genitals to money is a good thing? Or even a neutral thing?

A Moment In Iraq

Here’s a soldier’s-eye view of an exploding road bomb.

This links to a YouTube video.

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Where've I Been All My Life?

So tapping your foot three times is a invitation for homosexual sex? How does one acquire that piece of knowledge? Was it included in the movie Brokeback Mountain? I saw the movie Midnight Cowboy years and years ago — I do not recall that ‘signal’ as part of that movie.

I am certainly glad, though, that I learned about the three-foot-taps today as I shall forevermore make sure my feet are planted firmly on the floor while visiting comfort stations.

But now I am wondering what other signals there are that I still don’t know about. Does a two-tap have any significance? What about a four-tap? Does two three-taps mean the same thing as three two-taps? What does a one-tap, pause, two-tap mean? A two-tap, pause, one-tap?

Is this three-tap thing kinda like that CW song Knock Three Time on the Ceiling if You Want Me?

If one is afflicted with Nervous Leg Syndrome, would it be a good idea to carry a note from your doctor stating as much?

And how about musicians — they’re notorious for the toe-tapping! Heck, if Craig’s arresting officer was to attend a performance of the Minnesota Symphonic Winds, he could really add a bunch of notches to gun!

If you’re wondering what the heck I’m spouting about, read the Larry Craig news story.