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July 2019
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The Sex Of Caster Semenya

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1 comment to The Sex Of Caster Semenya

  • This is a note from me, Henry, the cartoonist. I’m having a difficult time figuring out what the motives are of the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF). I took a look at other record holders of both sexes in the 800 meter track event. When compared with the women record holders, Caster’s time 1:55.45, while impressive, would not break into the top 10 (the time of the slowest of the top 10 being 1:55.26).

    However, comparing Caster Semenya to male runners is a completely different story. She’d be tortoise class! The slowest of the top 10 men’s records is 1:42.62 – an absolutely blinding speed when compared to Caster’s.

    I suppose there is the possibility – one that I consider extremely remote – that Caster is a guy possessing the exceptional talent of being a world-class sandbagger.

    Personally, I think the knuckleheads at the IAAF are attempting to justify their jobs at the expense of Caster Semenya. Maybe there is more to the story, but with the information I currently have, I see no reason why Caster’s performance should have waved a red flag before the eyes of the IAAF officials.

    Henry, of Cartoons by Henry