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January 2019
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Where've I Been All My Life?

So tapping your foot three times is a invitation for homosexual sex? How does one acquire that piece of knowledge? Was it included in the movie Brokeback Mountain? I saw the movie Midnight Cowboy years and years ago — I do not recall that ‘signal’ as part of that movie.

I am certainly glad, though, that I learned about the three-foot-taps today as I shall forevermore make sure my feet are planted firmly on the floor while visiting comfort stations.

But now I am wondering what other signals there are that I still don’t know about. Does a two-tap have any significance? What about a four-tap? Does two three-taps mean the same thing as three two-taps? What does a one-tap, pause, two-tap mean? A two-tap, pause, one-tap?

Is this three-tap thing kinda like that CW song Knock Three Time on the Ceiling if You Want Me?

If one is afflicted with Nervous Leg Syndrome, would it be a good idea to carry a note from your doctor stating as much?

And how about musicians — they’re notorious for the toe-tapping! Heck, if Craig’s arresting officer was to attend a performance of the Minnesota Symphonic Winds, he could really add a bunch of notches to gun!

If you’re wondering what the heck I’m spouting about, read the Larry Craig news story.

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